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Q. What is LINK+ and how does it work?



Last Updated: Jul 09, 2024     Views: 284

Last Updated: Jul 09, 2024     Views: 284


LINK+ (Link Plus) is a free service that allows cardholders to borrow books and media not available at the Santa Cruz Public Libraries.  LINK+ is a cooperative effort among many California public and academic libraries.

How it Works

  • Search the LINK+ catalog and find the title you are not able to find at SCPL. If you can't find it, you may wish to consider using InterLibrary Loan.
  • If the item status is "AVAILABLE," click "Request it", then select "Santa Cruz Public Libraries" from the drop down menu and click "Submit."
  • Enter your name, library card number, password, and select the pickup location from the drop-down menu, then click "Submit."
  • If the item is available, you will see the message "Your request was successful."
  • The Library will notify you when your item is ready for pick up.

How are LINK+ materials checked out?

When you receive notification, your LINK+ item will be ready for you to checkout at the pickup location you selected upon request. Items are held for 10 days. LINK+ books are not kept on the self-service holds shelves. Please ask a staff person for assistance.

How are LINK+ materials returned?

Return LINK+ items directly to a staff person at any Santa Cruz Public Libraries location. Do not put LINK+ items in the book drop.

LINK+ Renewals

  • LINK+ items will be automatically renewed once, for an additional 3 weeks, if not in-demand.
  • LINK+ items cannot be renewed in the My Account feature or by staff. 

Further Guidelines

  • Books and media (DVDs, audiobook CDs, Playaways, and music CDs) can be borrowed through LINK+.
  • Check the Library's online catalog before using LINK+. If SCPL does not own the item, or if all our copies of the book are unavailable, you may request a copy from LINK+ if there is one with "AVAILABLE" status.
  • You will not be able to place a LINK+ request if you have a:
    • Visitor card, Educator card, or a temporary “PACREG” card. 
    • Blocked Library card account
  • Each LINK+ request is counted as a HOLD on your library record. You may have a total of 15 holds including LINK+ and SCPL items.
  • You may borrow a total of 15 LINK+ items.
  • Please do NOT remove the LINK+ information label or book strap from the item at any time.

Lost Or Damaged LINK+ items

The default replacement charge for LINK+ items is $115. Please let us know right away if the LINK+ item is lost or damaged. We will attempt to negotiate a lower cost with the lending library or find out if they accept replacement copies. SCPL staff will communicate any charges via your library account.  LINK+ fees must be paid to the owning library via check or money order.